KeelGuard Lengths & Colours

Megaware KeelGuard comes in 11 great looking colors to match virtually any boat. All colors are UV-stabilized for true color that lasts a lifetime. 

KeelGuard Sizes

Available from stock in 6ft, 8ft, 10ft and 12ft lengths in either Black or White.

To determine the recommended minimum length required for any craft, simply measure the distance from a mark 6 inches above the water line at the bow, back to 2ft beyond the lowest point of the keel.

The final choice of length will be determined by the intended use of the craft, and level of protection required. For example, smaller craft are sometimes used as tenders and they are most likely going to be pulled all the way up a beach to prevent them from drifting off during a rising tide. For PWC measure from the bow eye back, ending 4 to 6 inches forward of the intake grate.

If a standard length Keelguard is found to be a little too long for your particular craft it can be cut to the desired length using a sharp bladed craft knife (or similar). It is better to trim from the aft section, using either a straight edge or the bow end radius as a template.

Product width is 5 inches.

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