Megaware Patented KeelGuard Engineering


Megaware developed the Keelguard after first consulting with professional boat designers and the very experienced and knowledgeable engineers from 3M. Together they produced a first rate, reliable, quality product. To ensure the best long lasting protection they selected a unique combination of polymers and urethanes which is shock absorbent but also remains pliable to assist application.

The Keelguard instantly bonds to the hull using 3M’s super strong pressure sensitive adhesive, after application of the 3M primer. The bond is permanent, no curing time is necessary.
Careful research ensured that the Keelguard was designed and produced with angled grooves which produce hydrodynamic channels. These channels create air pockets and therefore provide a slicker surface, eliminating the possibility of any speed reduction.  The smooth contoured edges make a clean tight seal with the surface of the hull, eliminating the need for any additional sealants.

Trusted Protection

KeelGuard has been protecting watercraft of all kinds, including PWCs, recreational boats, professional fishing boats, dinghies, RIBs, coast guard fleets and RNLI craft for years. Suitable both for the recreational user and commercial operations so why not join Megaware KeelGuard’s trusted customers by protecting your investment with the very best now.

Lifetime Warranty

Megaware guarantees KeelGuard (to the original purchaser), against abrasive wear and adhesion failure during normal use of your boat, for as long as you own your boat.

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