SkegGuard Installation Guide

The SkegGuard is very simple to install however to ensure a flawless installation you should follow the guidance below.
Failure to do so may result in damage to your SkegGuard and/or boat.

SkegGuard Installation

Step 1

Using a mallet (leather, rubber or wooden), place the Megaware SkegGuard on the skeg and gently tap on it to get it started.

Once in place, drive it on with the mallet until fully seated.

SkegGuard Installation

Step 2

Using the two pre-drilled mounting holes in the Megaware SkegGuard as pilot holes, drill the skeg using a ¼" drill bit, and install the stainless steel hardware using the hex key tools supplied with the product. (Two sets of hardware with varying lengths provide secure fitment to varying skeg thickness).

The hardware includes a thread locker sealant to prevent loosening of the bolts once installed.